…A sublime artist and an excellent performer, who does with the guitar what a pianist does with the piano, expressing rhythmical, dynamic, harmonic and tone contrasts, as well as the different chiaroscuros that composers have captured in their scores. The evening works were offered with admirable musical richness... ABC (Spain) by Jose Luis Lopez
...We can call Mr. Garagic recital the Classic Spanish Guitar Art, the music through which flows Iberian dancing warmth combined with outstanding virtuosity, discourse of communicative music, divided between inwardness and extrovert bravado. The guitarist started with Sor’s ‚ Variations on the theme of the Magic Flute and finished with Fantasy on Jota Aragonesa by Julian Arcas with which he firmly convinced us of his power of superlative virtuosity, which does not lie simply in his technique but also his profound musicality. The encores were as fantastically artistic, the traditional Bosnian Sevdalinka, the music, which is with its clandestine harmonies and arabesque playfulness far from Spain but only in a geographical sense... DELO (Slovenia) by Jure Dobovisek.

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